Bodywork Mercedes G / Puch

Steyr Puch 230 GE camping trailer


Compact, permanent buildings for everyone who is thirsty for impressions and who value closer contact with nature. It will work well during nature expeditions and camping in hard-to-reach areas.

The construction in this type of car has been carefully thought out to use every inch of space. Thanks to this, there is a place for a comfortable double bed, a kitchen area with a compressor refrigerator, a chemical toilet and numerous storage compartments.

We will make the housing on the car you have provided. We will deal with the implementation comprehensively – from soundproofing and insulation, through electrical installation with photovoltaic panels, to compact construction made with the use of CNC machines.


The enclosure is made of high-quality plywood cut with the use of CNC machines. The floor and part of the bed are non-slip plywood ensuring safe use.

The fronts and the table are made of plywood covered with high-quality HPL laminate in the selected color.

The housing is practical and very compact.

During the day, it can be used as a kitchen and a place to relax. In the evening, it is enough to unfold the frame to create a wide, comfortable bed, taking up almost all the available space.


The middle part is equipped with a place for a chemical toilet. Next to it, there is an additional storage compartment for the necessary things.

The control panel is placed in an easily accessible place. Thanks to it, you can easily operate the devices. The intelligent MPPT controller system connects to the phone via Bluetooth technology, which allows you to control the charge level of devices and photovoltaic panels.  

The side part of the building is a kitchen part with a sink, a spout with a shower, in the cupboard under them there are clean and gray water tanks.

There are military-style airtight cabinets above the kitchen area to protect the contents while driving. Below there is a small, practical sink with tanks for clean and gray water. There is a compression refrigerator right next to it.

Limited space is not a problem! After unfolding, the bed can be used by two people. CAMPA mattresses are also included in the price of the building – it is the highest quality foam with a properly selected density, covered with a practical, stain-resistant thick material.

Fits into

Mercedes G
Steyr Puch



  • bed width: 100cm
  • length: 205cm


  • complete construction
  • cooker with a ceramic burner
  • clean and gray water tank
  • mattresses with covers
  • 180W solar panel
  • battery

campa Mercedes G / Steyr Puch 230 GE

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